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Sunhope has excellent products, the best marketing management, a very complete service system and a professional sales team. All this are tightly connected with Sunhope business culture, bringing healthier lives to public.

The meaning of brand name
Sunhope represents sun and hope. Through Sunhope International Sales on quality products and a complete marketing management system, we have helped people fulfill a life full with warmth from the sun and hope for a more beautiful and healthier lives.

Logo Meaning
Corporate logo: an artistic representation of a phoenix embraced by 2 green auras, symbolizes peace between family and business.

Corporate name in English: Spelling of company name, and the O is designed to be a solid O.

Green is the overall theme for corporate logo, symbolizes Sunhope marketing on health, charity and green business.

Symbolizes Sunhope energy like the sun rise from the east, representing Sunhope direct marketing filled with endless hope.

Sunhope Objective- Spreading beauty and health
Spreading health idea and living beautiful lives with advanced technology globally is Sunhope's promise.

Business operation ideals: Integrity, Pragmatic, Sensible
Since the beginning of Sunhope, we followed the model of "integrity, pragmatic, sensible" to operate the business, helping the corporate to develop at a steady pace.

Research and develop ideology
Main product line for Sunhope include 4 major categories: Sunhope healthcare products, Sunhope Skincare products, Sunhope home furnishing, Sunhope personal hygiene. Those four categories covered hundreds of globally popular products that are all registered under Sunhope.

High tech products create healthier lifestyle
Products from Sunhope are based on "preventive medicine", using the newest advanced "natural health therapy" concept, through combining "nutrition, immunity, metabolism", we have developed a diverse line of products that fit different markets.

Sunhope products are bang for the buck
All products from Sunhope, from cultivating raw material, harvesting, extracting, drying and freezing, are all manufactured under the condition of 100% all natural and zero pollution, monitored by advanced automated facilities. Due to the high tech nature of Sunhope products and because of our quality and fair price, we satisfied countless customers who want to diversify their healthy life style.

Major benefits of Sunhope

1st Major benefit: Legal license, Solid operation
In 1998, Sunhope obtained approval for transition from National Commerce Department, becoming 1 of 10 national approved transition direct sale corporate. In 2007, Sunhope once again obtained national approved legal direct sale license, becoming one of 20 legal corporate in the country. Running the business for over 20 years in China, Sunhope works closely with the government policy, and improve corporate management, exemplified other legal corporate in China.

2nd Major benefit: Based on products, customer service priority
Sunhope provides quality products for both high end and medium to low end market. Sunhope satisfies customers who cared about products practicality, ease of marketing and popularity in the market, need for comfort and speed. We have active customer service team, who actively call out to distributors and customers about company activities, reward benefits, training, sale equity, etc.

3rd Major benefit: Get more by working hard, legal profits
Based on the nature of multi-directional profit in direct sales and under rational dividing the profits, combined with Sunhope high tech multivariate, innovative and professional business management system. Not only have we met the criteria of people venturing needs but also satisfied public pursue of own well, freedom, and self-fulfilling dreams. For the past 20 years in China, Sunhope has devoted energies to different people from different levels, solving employment issues for the people of China.

4th Major benefit: Work more, Earn more, Wealth of benefits
Sunhope exerts direct sales biggest benefits of not needing a marketing channel or advertising expense, making products from Sunhope very appealing. Customers can quickly understand the product from our expert sales team, saving time from browsing through the market, ideal for the fast pace world. Our expert sales team can expand on the products, and using novel tactics to show the benefits of the products over the traditional methods thus increasing the sales and infiltrate the market. With our unbeatable reward system, we reflect the true nature of direct sale and create a fair market for all.

5th Major benefits: Complete training, Create professionals
In the beginning of 2008, our headquarter creates the first training center for Sunhope. With trainers from all over the world and hundreds of years of added experiences, our new sales teams require no previous experiences, knowledge or background and will be able to quickly understand the products and know how to sell and expand into the market.

Sunhope Promises

Love reassurance: Sunhope mind
Sunhope always upholds the ideal of "from the society, for the society", devotes into many charities events with love like mothers, creating a big warm family. Each and every personnel in health division of Sunhope can use their own pace to plan for their careers, to improve family, friends and co-workers relationship. From the five life goals of affections, friendships, careers, wealth, and ideals, our people can reach both body and mental stabilities, satisfactions, and happiness.

Reassurance of health: Sunhope happiness
Through "health, immunity and metabolism", Sunhope unique health management system creates quality products, giving our customers all natural, balanced, completed and diverse healthcare products.  Applying both Chinese medicine on health and beauty culture, with western advanced medical technology, we use preventive medicine as our central core.  To bring happiness to families by striving for quality raw material, scientific formula, and contemporary manufacture processes.

Reassurance of wealth: Sunhope happiness
Not only does Sunhope provides quality products, excellent service and communication platform, Sunhope also has a complete marketing strategy by having professional, standardized, systematic training program. Helping each and every Sunhope partner creating business opportunities. Through Sunhope's help, each and every partner will be able to create a healthy career, self-enhancement while building wealth.  With Sunhope you will be able to plan and control "learning wealth by 20, creating wealth by 30, reaching wealth by 40, keeping wealth by 50, and enjoy wealth for life by 60".

Reassurance of spirit: Sunhope goal
Sunhope has always oriented its core business model with people and with love. Each Sunhope partner through the process of venturing, expanding business and earning friendship and wealth, will also receive self-confidence. Help more people realize healthier and beautiful lives. In this complementary market, helping others, helping self and enrich lives.

Reassurance from the society: Pride of Sunhope
While expanding market in the past 20 years since the entrance of Sunhope to the Chinese market, Sunhope had won many approvals from many government officials.  And from society.  Sunhope had won "Tianjin special contribution award", "Tianjin advanced foreign enterprise" etc. Our products have passed ISO9001:2008 product management system and ISO22000:2005 food and safety management regulations.