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Sunhope Group is fully committed to research and development of beauty & health products and also sets the goal of helping its customers start up the beauty business all over the country. Sunhope also puts all efforts into creating a high-quality life for all mankind. To fulfill the sacred mission of "Spread Beauty, Dedicate to Health", Sunhope practices the concept of "Honesty, Safety and Reliability" and rewards the society with its bountiful achievements. Devoting itself to charity and never ignoring its role as a member of the society. Sunhope keeps impresses the industry with its unprecedented selling miracles. Ten billion investments are to show Sunhope's strong willingness to provide its customers with a broader and safer business platform. On the way of pursuing a better life, Sunhope will always be the biggest supporter for its customers.

In 1993, Sunhope is one of the earliest direct marketing that entered China. Sunhope reassured its place in China by investing 10 million USD to start Sunhope, and billions CNY for building a grand and completed Sunhope building. In 2005, Sunhope invested 5 million USD, and constructed 9000sqm headquarter in China for R&D, GMP manufacturing, business opertation, marketing, personnel training and logistic.

In 2014, Sunhope office moved and the new building for sunhope is officially opened and became brand operational and logistics center. In 2015, in additional to the original R&D center, Sunhope continued to expand 50 MU of factory, combined with research and facilities for health and beauty. With total area of 38800 sqm, and investment of 250 million, this sets a new milestone for Sunhope.

For the past 20 years, Sunhope started from the dream in the beginning till today's sustainable vision, has followed by many visionaries with expanding venturing platform and creating new products and diverse trainings.

In December, 2017, Sunhope Group signed an agreement with Tianjin Xiqing Economic and Technical Development Zone on investment and cooperation when Mrs. Chen Minjun, the Executor, was invited to be present. Under the agreement, Sunhope will make an investment of RMB 5 billion to set up its headquarters in Saida Great Health Industrial Park. The project will cover an area of about 272 thousand square meters and predictably annual yields of RMB over 20 billion Yuan can be realized when it runs at full speed. This will be a significant step for Sunhope in the concentration of its cause of great health and its overall investment arrangement in China. 

The year of 2018 is to witness Sunhope’s ongoing brand development since its establishment 25 years ago. With strong corporation strength and long brand history, Sunhope has built itself into the current entrepreneurial platform and helped increasing numbers of brand managers who move along its road to glory to achieve success and create a moving miracle in life.

In the 1990s, Sunhope started its journey of dream-pursuing with its brand mission—Bringing Beauty and Health to You, providing people a quality life and creating countless life dreams. In 2018, Sunhope will still “The Spirit of Craftsmanship, the World of E-net”, and, together with more talents in the industry, make brand contribution to direct marketing and to the social economy with diversified products in the health industry.

Mrs. Chen Minjun is the daughter of Sunhope President Mr. Chen Shangji and executive director Mrs. Chenzheng Zhuyu. Her English name is Nancy Chen

With western's advanced science background, Nancy inherited traditional chinese traits of intelligence, and kind hearted yet still willing to fight for excellence. When she was young  her father said "it is not rather if you can, but it is if you want to" this gave Nancy unfathomable motivations and developed her perseverance personality. On Sunhope's 20 year anniversary celebration she once again reminded people: the road to success is not crowded, because not many people have perseverance.

The story of 2 brands made her like people of Sunhope filled with energy to fight.

In 1993 Nancy graduated from Mount Saint Mary's University Los Angeles majored in Economics. At the same year she immediately moved to Tianjin China and was appointed as general manager for Sunhope China. While bringing health and beauty to the public for the past 25 years, CEO Nancy used her wisdom and international corporate mindset. With the duty of "Spread Beauty, Dedicate to health" also brought public out of poverty and create a good opportunity for success.

Today CEO Nancy leads the team at Sunhope changing destiny, bringing excellence and achieving beautiful lives! Based on the love to this land CEO Nancy put many attention and charity work to China.  She donated millions to charities in China and in 2014 she established Sunhope Charity. Being the founder of Sunhope Charity she established an even better economical platform for Sunhope bringing reassuring love to the public painting a colorful lives to the masses.