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R&D Centre

During last 1990s, after entering Chinese market, Sunhope totally invested over 1 billion Yuan in order to expand the business scale and continuously instill fresh power for developing the brand construction for the sake of tamping the firm foundation of Sunhope in China. Sunhope rewarded its business followers and product users attentively with broader business-starting platform and permanent brand of charm.
Invested 5 million USD, Integrate Multiple Functions into One.
Sunhope China (Tianjin) R&D Center consists of high tech products R&D center, GMP authentication, modernized logistic center, operation center, and marketing service center.
Equipped with FDA approved manufacture facilities to satisfy the vast market and customers need.
The company is equipped with USA FDA approved manufacturing equipment using world class products and technology.  Realizing the promised quality products and fulfilled the market demands in customer needs.  Sunhope always held the ideal of "providing customers safer, better quality environmental friendly products and thus creates demands that creates better lifestyle". The activation of Sunhope China (Tianjin) R&D center will be a vital push for the business to reach a new high.
Having world class intelligent management purification plant, total of 9000 square meters.
R&D center follows the footsteps of USA FDA, IFSCC and ICR etc. To ensure our distributers have the competitive advantages Sunhope is always scouting for world leading health food, new cosmetic technology and new material development.
Expansion of 50mu, foundation of next 100 years.

In addition of the original R&D center Sunhope once again decided to expand 50 mu and build more manufacturing plant. Combined with R&D on health and beauty the plant was completed in 2015. With total area of 38800 square meters, and over 250 millions invested the plant has a clean design from national class A medical design school.  Combined with modern urban lifestyle each plant is built in accordance with highest standards.  We have world class products manufacturing due to our advanced facilities and well-rounded logistics.

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